Our Past Clients

Live Oak Lake

We partnered with the talented Isaac from Live Oak Lake to curate an exceptional WiFi experience, tailored exclusively for their serene cabins. Our collaboration involved the design and installation of a state-of-the-art WiFi system, seamlessly connecting all seven cabins. By utilizing a blend of fiber and copper technologies, we ensured a robust and reliable network infrastructure, guaranteeing lightning-fast internet speeds for every guest.

In addition to our expertise in WiFi solutions, we went above and beyond to assist Isaac in selecting the perfect Property Management System (PMS) and home automation features to complement his distinctive setup with automations for controlling the lights, locks and thermostats. By carefully analyzing his specific requirements and considering the unique nature of Live Oak Lake, we provided invaluable guidance and support, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operational framework for Isaac’s business.

At the end of our project, Live Oak Lake emerged as a shining example of a tranquil retreat seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology. Guests can now enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and utilize the latest smart features, all while immersing themselves in the natural beauty and serenity that Live Oak Lake has to offer.

Brazos Arbors

Brazos Arbors is an extraordinary collection of 15 charming tiny houses, designed with a touch of uniqueness. The majority of these homes are ingeniously crafted from repurposed shipping containers, adding a distinctive character to the community. However, this innovative construction posed an interesting challenge when it came to ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for guest. With our expertise, we adapted and implemented a specialized Wi-Fi system that overcame any potential interference, allowing everyone to stay connected effortlessly.

Recognizing the importance of convenience and security, we took great care in implementing a lock automation system. This sophisticated system effortlessly manages multiple points of entry for select units, while maintaining a user-friendly experience through a simple yet effective four-digit code for guests. 

Central Texas’s scorching heat presented another obstacle for our network gear. In order to optimize the performance of our network equipment, we went the extra mile and installed an air-conditioned network box. This innovative solution guarantees that the network gear remains at its peak performance, regardless of the outside temperature. 

By automating the thermostats in each tiny house, we were able to significantly reduce energy costs for our owners during periods of low occupancy. This thoughtful approach not only benefits the guest but it also saves the Brazos Arbors money during the periods of low occupancy. 

Tika Land Holdings

Tika Land Holdings built an exceptional collection of 12 captivating shipping container tiny houses nestled in the picturesque hill country of Texas, thoughtfully designed to exude a touch of distinctiveness. While our innovative construction presented a fascinating challenge, we were resolute in ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for their esteemed guests. Drawing on our expertise, we adeptly adapted and implemented a specialized Wi-Fi system that surmounted any potential interference, ensuring an effortless and uninterrupted connection for everyone.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence shone through as we employed our well-proven lock automation technology, which had been successfully deployed in various other properties in the past. However, we approached Tika’s development with a fresh perspective, as the property featured several unique locks brands and types that required careful adaptation. Our meticulous approach and adaptability guaranteed that our guests enjoy not only the comfort and charm of the tiny houses but also the convenience of modern technology.

Considering the expectation of guests for reliable and high-speed internet during their stays, we had to find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that not only could handle the load of 12 distinct houses but also provide the speeds that guests have come to expect. This was especially crucial given the remoteness of the area and the challenging terrain.

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